10 Most Popular Kitchen Styles – Infographic

April 3, 2020

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Choosing a specific style is the most crucial part of a kitchen remodeling process. It’s not all about randomly tossing everything you think that will look good in your kitchen. In order to keep all of the elements within the area in harmony, you must pick the best kitchen style based on your preference.

Despite all of the events that brought the world to a shock at the start of 2020, perhaps you might want to consider remodeling your kitchen someday. To help you make a better decision, take a look at the most popular kitchen styles up to date:

10 Most Popular Kitchen Styles - Infographic

Flextension Kitchen Layout

This type of layout works well in smaller kitchens. Flextension kitchen layout aims to maximize the use of the space by integrating certain non-kitchen elements such as seating and working areas within the vicinity of the dining and meal prep areas. Such layout enables the kitchen to serve multiple functions, making it the central all-around portion of the house.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Kitchens

Household owners can now contribute to the preservation of the environment by merely introducing the concept of sustainability into their kitchen style. With modern technology, kitchen remodeling companies are now capable of installing energy-efficient appliances like lighting that can lessen your consumption of electricity. Even some kitchen furniture can now be availed with specific sustainable features.

Kitchen Dining Islands

If you want to sport a kitchen isle, then you better consider making another one dedicated for dining purposes. More people are becoming enthralled with kitchen dining islands, as they provide an inviting vibe that makes the area a sociable environment.

Open Shelves

Classic never goes out of style, same with open storage. Removing the panels that divide your shelves is a great way of opening up a specific area, which makes tools more accessible and easier to find.

Monochromatic Kitchen

In case you think that monochromatic color scheme lacks some appeal, you better try to look for some examples of kitchens featuring monochromatic style. Going for colors such as the darker ones can give a sleek and aesthetic look that is highly suitable for an apartment-type of home.

Colorful Kitchen

In contrast to a monochromatic kitchen, you can also try to invoke some contemporary elements to your kitchen by simply becoming more bold and adventurous with your color choices. Many home improvement experts are now leaning to the use of different shades of green for warmth and welcoming kitchen texture.

Concealed Storage Solutions

Uniqueness is a highly sought-after trait, especially in kitchen style. Modern kitchens are often equipped with at least one concealed storage solution. Regardless if it’s in the form of your kitchen cabinets, fridge, or dishwasher, letting some of your kitchen items away from the eye provides some mystery and simplicity to your kitchen style.

Smart Kitchen

The use of smart technology has finally reached the kitchen. While this could bring some limited changes to your kitchen’s appearance, rest assured that you will enjoy its benefits once you tried using it for your kitchen chores. With a strong emphasis on optimizing kitchen activities, you don’t have to spend so much time and effort in preparing meals thanks to this relatively new kitchen style.

Hot Water Traps

Hot water trap is a growing kitchen trend that aids many homeowners in gaining instant access to boiling water. It is now becoming a staple that keeps the traditional kettle at bay, saving a significant amount of time and keeping your energy consumption to a minimum.

Built-in Appliances

It’s now possible to develop an integrated kitchen with built-in appliances. If you’re having some trouble with your space, then this applying this one to your kitchen style is the best solution.

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