5 Kitchen Ideas for a Minimalist Home

5 Kitchen Ideas for a Minimalist Home

You are planning for an upcoming kitchen remodeling project. Everybody wants a stylish home full of eye-catching decorations and visually appealing units starting from the living room, kitchen, and the bathroom – except you. You realized that the embellishments are becoming more common and you are looking for other ways to set your home apart from the others. Fortunately, you come across a kitchen style with a straightforward appearance that doesn’t really look unusual, but the simple arrangement of the units together with the color palette makes it a good option for you. This kitchen style follows the art movement of minimalism, which has been present in the industry of kitchen design for years and is slowly regaining its reputation as one of the notable classical trends.

In a minimalistic kitchen, less always means more. But it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy designing from a minimalist point of view. Every available kitchen unit must be able to complement each other in order to create a sense of uniformity. Here are some of the best ideas for designing your kitchen as part of a minimalist home:

Smaller Appliances

Minimalist kitchens are often equipped with smaller and energy-efficient appliances so that there will be enough vacant space on the countertop surface. In case you wanted to consider incorporating some modern vibes in your meal prep area, you can also try integrated appliances to make your kitchen layout looked a bit compact, freeing some significant space on other portions of the room.

Simplistic Backsplash

It is easy to go overboard on the design when choosing the most appropriate backsplash for your kitchen. Backsplashes come in different colors and patterns, so make sure to find one that suits your minimalistic preferences like subway tiles. A set of simplistic backsplash can have a subtle effect on your overall kitchen design, making it look highly functional when combined with your other units like the countertops and sink.

Kitchen Ideas for a Minimalist Home

Go for Black and White

While it’s true that black and white kitchens are also applicable to other available kitchen styles, this familiar combo can also be used to add a layer of personality to a minimalistic room. Another alternative choice would be to use white altogether as a monochromatic palette while retaining the natural brownish color of your cupboards.

Open Shelving

You can try to remove some parts of your wall cabinets and turn it into a set of open shelves. This simple storage but functional storage solution offers ease of access to your kitchen items, and it makes the wall area less crowded.

Install a Kitchen Island

Since you already saved a lot of space from your smaller appliances, there is a good chance that you can install a minimalistic kitchen island. You don’t have to sacrifice your kitchen’s functionality by limiting its capabilities, so feel free to have a multi-functional island where you can enjoy your meals or organize your ingredients for cooking.

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