5 Best Kitchen Tile Ideas

Have you ever wondered about the importance of kitchen tiles? Several properties of tiles provide characteristics that make them excellent material for interior designing. Take for example ceramic tiles. These tile materials are popular amongst homeowners nowadays because they can resist force, stain, water absorption, and even impact. But knowing that most people are pretty much aware of the fact that tiles can increment the visual quality of a kitchen, their primary purpose is often emphasized as integral components in kitchen design.

The versatility of tiles can sometimes open opportunities for professional kitchen designers and creative homeowners alike to come up with fresh ideas to innovate the use of tiles for design. Here are some of the best kitchen tile ideas that you might want to try!

Install White Ceramic Tiles on the Counter for Instant Retro Effect

Are you opting for a traditional kitchen? Then you should have white ceramic or porcelain tiles for your counter. Though they may look dull for some, combining your white tiles with other classical decorations produce an instant retro effect that makes your kitchen a historic site to behold. Try watching movies from the 1960s or even earlier and pay close attention to some scenes that display a kitchen. Most of them are usually made from ceramic or porcelain tile.

Glossy Blue Tiles

One of the gorgeous tile designs for this year, using glossy blue for your tiles follows the Spanish-style Azul (“Spanish word for blue”). The best advantage of installing this tile on your countertop is its affordable price. Another one is that glossy blue tiles can be DIYed, which is an ideal choice for any capable homeowner.

Multi-Colored Tiles

In case you find the aforementioned ideas in this article a bit boring, then you might want to be bold and show some vibrancy in designing your kitchen. Consider researching multiple color combinations. A good example is a set of tiles that exhibit the colors of red, white, black, orange, and yellow. Give this tile idea a try and see how it brighten up some shadowy areas of the kitchen sink.

Gray Slate Tile for Contemporary Effect

Neutral colors such as gray are considered to be basic staples of modern or contemporary kitchen. Put some gray slate tiles on your kitchen wall and witness how wonderful-looking they can be. Additionally, gray tiles are also suitable for professional kitchen styles.

Merge backsplash and counter tiles for design consistency

To create a continuous effect, try merging the tile of your kitchen backsplash with your counter tile. Though keep in mind that you must install a two-inch deco mosaic tile right in the middle of these two areas so that there are proper division and distinction between the two.



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