5 Things to Consider Before Having an L-Shaped Kitchen


When it comes to timeless kitchen designs, one of the most standard layouts commonly applied by kitchen remodelers of today is the L-shaped kitchen. Popular for promoting an efficient and less time-consuming workflow, an L-shaped kitchen is also a versatile layout that is highly compatible with many kitchen styles.


L-shaped kitchen is a standard layout consisting of a set of kitchen units positioned in two connected sides of a room, forming the L-shaped design. Unlike the G-shaped kitchen layout, L-shaped kitchens lack the presence of an island in exchange for maximizing space and easier access to the main workstations (the cooktop, fridge, and the sink).

While L-shaped kitchens may appear to be a very simple layout, it still requires careful planning in order to serve its purpose. Here are some of the things you need to be aware of before going for an L-shaped kitchen:

Take Advantage of any Available Space

The available space for L-shaped kitchens is mostly concentrated in the corner area of a room. When determining the positioning of the kitchen units, make the most out of that corner area so that the rest of the kitchen will look more open and bigger. Use a bright color palette to prevent the corner area from appearing cramped.

Try installing Corner Cabinets

Since this layout is situated in the corner area, it makes a good opportunity to go for a unique set of corner cabinets. You can put any of your cooking tools in an area that is otherwise wasted and neglected by most household owners.

Try installing Corner Cabinets

L-Shaped Kitchens can be a Part of an Open-Concept Kitchen

In case you own a home which lacks a sense of boundaries between the kitchen and the living room, L-shaped kitchens remain a good choice. Simply put your dining table and chairs near the L-shaped layout to make it a more recognizable area for preparing meals.

Decorate the Area with Rustic Decorations

There are no particular restrictions in decorating L-shaped kitchens, but rustic accessories that can give a brownish effect in the space are becoming more of a trend. Consider decorating your L-shaped kitchens with rustic-styled dishware collections and kitchen cabinets with appealing wood stains.

Use Patterns and Warm Colors

You can still opt for deeper and darker-toned colors without making the space look too cramped by introducing patterns and color combinations. For instance, you can have your L-shaped kitchen painted with different hues of brown to further enhance the rustic vibes already emanating around the space. On the other hand, if you wanted to sport a modern kitchen theme, neutral colors such as white, gray, and black can make the job done.

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