5 Reasons to Install Under-cabinet Lighting – Infographic

Under-cabinet lighting is a type of cabinet light fixture wherein the lights are installed beneath a cabinet in order to provide illumination on the kitchen working surface. An ideal choice for augmenting the area’s visibility for food preparation, under-cabinet lighting is also a practical and effective way of making your kitchen look broader and more welcoming for guests.

If you never considered installing your kitchen with under-cabinet lighting before, now is the best time to do so.

Two Main Purpose of Under-cabinet Lighting

  • To serve as additional home decor
  • To augment your kitchen’s overall functionality

While under-cabinet lightings are basically designed to fulfill those two purposes, having such glimmering accessories can bring other essential benefits that you won’t notice right away on the first day.

Here are five reasons why your kitchen deserves to have under-cabinet lighting!

5 Reasons to Install Under-cabinet Lighting

1. Fewer Shadows To Deal With

Imagine the difficulty of slicing meat and vegetables at night as shadows from your body, the cabinets, and the ceiling continue to restrict your vision. Under-cabinet lighting easily fixes this issue by providing an adequate amount of light right on the darkest spots of your working area.

Mr. Cabinet Care’s Trivia: In case you’re trying to learn a new recipe from a cookbook, you can still read it right on your working tops with the help of under-cabinet lighting!

2. Easy To Install

Installing under-cabinet lighting is relatively simple. With a manual or a kitchen remodeling expert to guide you through, you will have an elegant lighting fixture that can add real estate value to your home.

3. Can Lower Your Electric Bill

Usually made from LED lights, under-cabinet lighting is an excellent energy-efficient choice for limiting your monthly bills on electricity. You can even save more money by using your under-cabinet lighting alone if you wanted to do something on your countertops.

Mr. Cabinet Care’s Trivia: Energy efficiency refers to the practice of conserving energy by reducing the amount of energy consumed to provide products and services.

4. Provides A Sense of Authenticity To Your Home

Very few homes today sport this kind of kitchen lighting. Once installed, you can consider your kitchen a place of your own due to its uniqueness brought by the under-cabinet lighting.

5. Has A Wide Variety Of Bulbs

Under-cabinet lighting can be available in many varieties in terms of bulb choices. It’s now more convenient for those who wanted to make some minor modifications of their own.

Pro Tip: When selecting the appropriate bulb for your under-cabinet fixture, always prefer the smaller ones!

You don’t have to spend hours of planning and a lot of money to install under-cabinet lighting. Try talking with your kitchen remodeler and see how it can dramatically change the appearance of your kitchen!

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