5 Trends in Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting

As the room is dedicated to cooking meals, it is a no-brainer that adequate light is a staple for every kitchen. Enhancing the visibility of some of your kitchen’s work areas will make it easy for you to prepare delicious dishes, as well as minimize the chances of accidents.

While few homeowners are aware of the real importance of lighting, kitchen remodeling companies are always eager to offer upgrades that can help increase the value of a home through proper illumination of the meal prep area.

Light can also provide an illusion of a bigger room, which can be an ideal component for smaller kitchens. If you are planning to seek the help of a kitchen remodeling company, you might want to check out these five trends in kitchen lighting:

Natural Materials

You can focus your decoration efforts on your lighting fixtures for those sporting rustic or farmhouse kitchen styles. You can go for lighting endowed with natural materials, such as rope, linen, twine, burlap, and wood.

Circular Lighting

Want something unique? You can try orblike pendants and chandeliers to introduce a new touch of symmetry in your kitchen design. A perfect lighting for transitional kitchens, circular lighting can become a significant focal point that can catch anyone’s attention.

Circular lighting is also ideal to be paired with other circular or spherical decorations like beads and crystals.

Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers, as well as other transparent lighting fixtures, can provide a streamlined look and spread a distinctive upscale vibe around your kitchen. Traditional-style kitchens can benefit the most from this lighting as it helps add the luxe element in a subtle way.

Mini Pendants

While installing a mini pendant won’t do anything noticeable in your kitchen, having a set of them works as a beautiful decoration. When grouped together, mini pendants can form an aesthetically pleasing pattern that can establish a strong statement in your kitchen design.


LED or light-emitting diode is one of the most popular choices in kitchen lighting today. The reason behind their high demand in the market is their energy-efficient features. This will enable the lighting fixture to consume less energy, which in turn cuts down the cost of electricity bills. LED lights can offer a wide range of designs and come in many forms, such as bulbs, chandeliers, lamps, recessed, and under-cabinet light fixtures.

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