6 Modern Kitchen Design Trends

6 Modern Kitchen Design Trends

See what the future looks like through these cutting-edge kitchen trends:

Spacious Kitchen Islands

Do you already have a kitchen island? If you still don’t, you must try adding one to your kitchen because kitchen islands are versatile—you can chop on it, cook on it, use it as a storage area, and even provide additional seating for your guests. However, if you already have one, does it have enough room for your different kitchen activities? If not, you should try having it remodeled into a t-shaped, curved, or multilevel island to make it a more spacious and productive area.

Vibrant Kitchens

Did you know that your mood can affect your cooking? That’s why you should always make your kitchen a happy place! You can do it through playing your favorite songs while cooking and by adding more life to your kitchen through contrasting bright, bold colors with dark onespastel colors with plain white walls, or matching bronze metallic-toned appliances to your neutral-colored kitchen (if you do have one).

The return of retro kitchens

Have you seen actress Naomi Watts’ retro-inspired kitchen yet? How about Martha Stewart’s? These celebrity kitchens prove that retro kitchens are making a comeback! If you were inspired by the said kitchen designs, you could try checkered floors or wooden floorings for starters. Afterward, you can furnish your kitchen with a vintage refrigerator and stove, and last but not the least, padded bar stools for your kitchen island.

Kitchen Design Trends

Bi-fold Kitchen Cabinets

Bi-fold kitchen cabinets are one of the epitomes of a modern kitchen. It also needs less space to swing out to, most bi-fold cabinets can be opened upwards and some, sidewards. It also comes in various materials like aluminum, wood, aluminum and unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC).

Avant-garde furniture and lighting

Staying safe is okay but taking the road less traveled is better. As the saying goes, “Normality is a paved road: It is comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.” Think outside of the box and go for pieces that will make your kitchen look unique like a convex dining set or geometric and pendant lights.

Integrated and built-in appliances

Do you want your kitchen to look tidier and bigger? If you do, then integrated and built-in appliances are perfect for you! Aside from occupying less space, integrated appliances can also be put out of sight when you’re not using them while built-in appliances blend into the color and aura of your whole kitchen. If you’re a minimalist, fewer details and more space are probably your goals, so what are you waiting for?

Aren’t these kitchen trends simply brilliant and worth-trying? Especially if it’s hassle-free. Transform your present kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams today! Contact us at (719) 961-1900.

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