How to Get Your Dream Kitchen on a Budget

When resources are limited, DIY seems to be the most obvious solution for your kitchen remodeling needs. However, despite Pinterest’s growing popularity as the site to use for all things home, not all projects may turn out the way you expect. With help from Mr. Cabinet Care’s team of experts, you can ensure that your vision for a dream kitchen will become a reality while still keeping money in your pocket. From renovation ideas to design trends, Mr. Cabinet Care has all of your needs covered.

Ideas for Kitchen Flooring on a Budget

As every cook knows, good kitchens are built on solid foundations. Though the price point of popular floors like porcelain and hardwood—or more adventurous selections like stone and wood tile—might be a stretch for your budget, more affordable options are out there. Linoleum might not necessarily be your style, but laminate and cork flooring have proven to be attractive and durable choices for homeowners looking to spruce up their kitchen without breaking the bank.

Ideas for Kitchen Cabinetry on a Budget

Cabinets are the centerpiece of the kitchen. (We wouldn’t be named after them for nothing.) Without high quality cabinets, a kitchen lacks style and substance. If the price of brand new cabinets isn’t viable for your budget, there are other ways to get the look you want without compromising. For example, cabinet refacing is a great, affordable option for refinishing your cabinets without the expenses needed for a custom remodel. Giving your cabinets a new stain or fresh coat of paint—and incorporating colors that enhance the look you’re aiming for—is the perfect way to refresh your kitchen while staying within budget.

Ideas for Kitchen Countertops on a Budget

When it comes to counters, quartz, granite, and marble are at the front of the pack due to their appearance and durability. However, their benefits come at a steep price; these materials can cost between $20 to $75 per square foot. Some cheaper alternatives (such as laminate or solid surfacing), on the other hand, may not fit with the aesthetic you want. Consider stone tile for a feel that gives you the sophistication of granite without the high price tag. If you’re planning to sell your home later on and want to invest in renovations that’ll catch a potential buyer’s eye, granite may be a material worth the investment. You can even use your leftover granite slabs to make cutting boards or tabletops.

Ready to Get Started on Your Kitchen Remodel in Southern California?

When kitchen remodeling costs can climb well beyond the thousands, finding a quality remodeling company to assist you in planning wisely and saving money is a necessity. At Mr. Cabinet Care, we are ready to help you reach your kitchen goals within the budget that is right for you. The first step in creating your dream kitchen is drawing the perfect blueprint, and our specialized services are at your fingertips to do just that.

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