Are Blue Kitchen Cabinets a Trend?


Are Blue Kitchen Cabinets a Trend?

It used to be that when you went kitchen cabinet shopping, you had only a handful of options as far as color was concerned. Usually, you’d pick your favorite wood or wood stain, from oak to maple to cherry. Sometimes, if you didn’t want to go in that direction, you’d opt for white, which always presents a clean, pristine look.

But these days, other colors are entering the world of kitchen cabinets! Gray has been super trendy for the last half-decade or so but now we’re also seeing other colors emerge as popular, including a variety of shades of blue.

So, are blue kitchen cabinets a trend that will last or are they a fad that will fade away in just a short time?

Well, no one really knows what will happen with trends. That’s what makes them trends! But judging on the popularity of blue kitchens, we think they’ll stick around for a while. Here’s why.

Something out of the ordinary

Look back at the kitchens of the past. Maybe you’ve got some photos of the kitchen in which you grew up. Or perhaps the current kitchen in your home hasn’t been remodeled for quite some time. Either way, you’ll probably notice that kitchens of yesteryear were pretty much neutral or natural in tone. There were lots of browns of different hues, and plenty of accents in earth tones and other colors that simply didn’t have a lot of zing. And if they weren’t brown, cabinets were white, which would still be considered a neutral zone.

Enter the kitchen of the 21st century and you’ll see a much more creative use of color. Homeowners trying to create a distinctive look for their kitchen, one that matches the rest of their house, have now turned to colors, not only for accents but for cabinets as well.

Blue kitchen cabinets are ideal for many homes. They are, however, especially popular for homes that are close to the beach. Those who want a sailing vibe can opt for navy or dark blue cabinets with white accents and perhaps a touch of red here or there. Coastal kitchens also look great with lighter blue cabinets that are reminiscent of the sea. Pair these with lots of beach-inspired art and you’ve got a coastal kitchen that’ll be perfect for your location.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t choose blue if you’re far from the beach or ocean. A darker blue also looks great in country or farmhouse kitchens and a nice flat-paneled blue cabinet can even work with contemporary décor as well. The possibilities are plentiful.

Too much blue?

Maybe you like a little bit of blue but are afraid all blue cabinets will be going a bit overboard. If so, how about a compromise?

You can choose to do white cabinets at the base and blue kitchen cabinets for the upper cabinets only…or vice versa. This looks great and the white breaks up the blue a bit. These is especially useful if the blue you’ve chosen is quite dark. It’s also good for smaller kitchens or kitchens without a lot of natural light that might look even darker or smaller with blue cabinets.

Another option is to stick with white or neutral cabinets and make your island blue. This adds lots of visual interest to the room and you can pair it with blue stools or bar chairs for a little extra pop of whatever shade(s) of blue you choose.

If you do have a lighting or brightness issue but really want to bring blue into the kitchen, opt for a shade of blue with a yellow undertone like turquoise or even teal. These “cool” colors will reflect more light and you won’t have to depend as much on artificial lighting.

In the end, the color blue you choose – and whether you choose it at all – has a lot to do with your taste and the vibe you hope to portray. The pros at Mr. Cabinet Care are up on all the latest trends in kitchens and can help you determine whether blue kitchen cabinets are a trend you want to embrace. To take a look at your options or to speak to one of our professionals, visit us at

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