Kitchen Cabinets

Alder Wood is a beautiful alternative to Cherry Wood — creating a lavish look while remaining low in cost

Alder Wood

Color and Grain

Alder Wood closely imitates Cherry Wood in both color and grain composition yet runs at a lower cost, making it an attractive choice in home furnishing. Ranging from pale yellow to reddish brown, Alder is typically softer in hue because of its low sapwood content. Its uniform texture and smooth, closed grain allows the wood to accept stains flawlessly.
Alder Wood - 2


Alder is one of the softest and least dense woods, measuring in at 590 on the Janka Hardness scale. It is easy to carve and bend, which explains why it is a choice material to work with in cabinet and furniture production. Because Alder is one of the softest of the hard woods, concerns may arise about its strength and ability to withstand dings and dents. Fortunately, it is still classified as a hard wood, making it resilient and able to endure typical wear and tear. Many families have found that Alder is a wonderful choice for kitchen remodeling and refacing projects.

Interesting Facts

– Electric guitars are often made of alder wood due to its lightweight qualities
– Alder trees have valuable medicinal purposes, helping to treat muscle aches, skin diseases and more
– Alder trees typically grow to 65-75 ft tall and live up to approximately 100 years
– Alder is usually found near rivers, streams, or other moist habitats and provides sustenance to several species of butterflies