Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Faucet

Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Faucet

Most homeowners nowadays tend to neglect the importance of faucets in accomplishing daily kitchen chores. As the main conductor of water, faucets play a vital role when it comes in providing the sustenance of clean and safe water supply.

Aside from doing some ways of preventing it from potential germ contaminations, another factor to consider is finding the best faucet available especially if you’re planning to invest in a new one.

While it may sound so easy, faucets come in different varieties and sizes, each with their own unique features. Which means that you must have the appropriate one that will match not only your needs but also the look of your kitchen specifically the sink area.

This article will discuss all about the things you need to know when choosing the perfect faucet for your kitchen.

Take note of the spout’s height and reach

Most faucet design’s defining features comes in their spout’s height and reach. Never forget to consider the layout of your kitchen sink before choosing the appropriate faucet size. For example, if you have something close to the sink like a shelf, a tall faucet spout is obviously not a good idea as it will not fit in the first place.

On the other hand, a very short faucet spout can make things like washing your hands or cleaning the dishes pretty awkward. So be sure to match the height and reach of your kitchen faucet with the available space within your sink area.

The handles

Basically speaking, you have two faucet handle types to choose from. Two-handled faucets are typically the things of the past but offer a more fashionable look compared to the single handled varieties. However, on the practical aspect, single faucets are quite more convenient compared to their older counterparts. This is because it can be more precise in adjusting water temperature and volume. Not to mention you only have one handle to move as opposed to two.

The Perfect Kitchen Faucet

Spraying Capability

Perhaps the most important feature of a faucet is the ability to produce water in an efficient way. So, looking for the one with the most versatile spraying capability depends on what kind of spraying control you want. Just like the handles, faucet sprayers also have two types as well – a steady jet or a basic spray. Depending on your budget, you might just have to look for something that can alternatively switch between these two features.

Opt for ceramic valves

In order to prevent cases like continuous dripping of water even when the faucet has been already closed, it is highly recommended to purchase valves made from ceramic material. There are other types of valves that can boast the same power of ceramics, but not in terms of durability. What’s more is that it’s quite affordable, so having it won’t really hurt your pocket at all.

The Style

Now that you already took good notice about the functional features, it’s time for the aesthetic quality of kitchen faucets. Always make sure that the material and color will compliment with the overall theme of your kitchen. This includes primarily the sink, appliances, and other decorative things near your faucet. To know what’s the best choice among polished chrome, nickel, wrought iron, and stainless steel, better try to consult with your resident kitchen designer.



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