How to Design a Bohemian Kitchen – Infographics

Designing a Bohemian kitchen can be an adventurous and fun way to express yourself. You may have always loved the style and fashions of the 1970s, and now you can express that same love of the movement in your own kitchen.

Bohemian kitchens were all about bright colors, natural materials, and plenty of natural light. It was also about creating a space that was very much your own. Kitchens have become more mainstream over the years, but they never go away completely, even if people would only refer to them as “funky.”

How to Design a Bohemian Kitchen

Materials Needed for Create the Bohemian Look

When you are designing a Bohemian kitchen, you will first need to think about the kinds of materials you want to use and what would go best with your kitchen decor. For example, if you live in a cabin in the woods, then you will want to choose woods that reflect that environment. Things like cedar and pine are perfect for this kind of design. Other popular materials used in a Bohemian kitchen are reclaimed wood, metal, glass, and anything else that comes from an organic source and is left in a state of nature.

Setting up the Theme

The next step is to choose a theme for your kitchen. Some great ideas include things like mushrooms or seashells or just about anything that gives you a vibe that you want to project. You will need to think about how much food you plan on serving and what type of containers you would like to use. You can choose from Styrofoam containers, ceramic bowls, cereal bowls, fish bowls, or anything else you can get your hands on. A lot of people like to use old cans or bottles to fill their pots with herbs or spices. Bottles also work great if you’re going green with your design.

Keep it Natural

Another popular design idea for a Bohemian kitchen is to get natural items that you can find around your home. For example, you may have maple cabinets. Another popular option that you can explore is to use stone or other natural materials in your kitchen. If you live in a house with a fireplace, you may also have the option of using stone to surround the fireplace and create a focal point.

Adding Decorations

In addition to the design of the kitchen itself, you can add all sorts of crazy decorations to complete the Bohemian look. For example, you can go with a unique chalkboard for the wall. This may not sound very appealing to some people, but chalkboards have become very popular in the kitchen. Just think about the possibilities.

If you haven’t thought of doing something like this before, you might want to explore the different ideas that are out there. Designing a Bohemian kitchen can be a fun experience. Just remember to use your imagination and have fun.

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