Difference between Custom and Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Difference between Custom and Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Nowadays, it can be quite hard to imagine a kitchen without any cabinet installed around. It basically serves an important purpose in the house by storing delicate materials such as dishes, silverware, and other kinds of kitchen tools.

That’s why it’s also vital for any household owner, especially those who are planning for some quality renovation to know that there are two types of kitchen cabinets: custom and modular. While both can be used for the same purpose, they actually have certain attributes that make them quite distinctive to each other.

This article will give some helpful pointers about the difference between custom and modular kitchen cabinets in order for you to come up with a personal preference between the two.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom cabinets are storage cabinets that are specially modified and built to match a specific room. These modifications can range from the cabinet’s size, functionality, and design.

Custom cabinets can be mounted either on the floor or to the ceiling. They are made through careful assessments of professional cabinet makers on the space available on the provided room. The process for making custom cabinets is relatively simple. Some of the modified parts of the cabinet are built on a separate place before bringing them all up to the client’s home to be assembled and installed.

Difference to Modular Cabinets

As it was mentioned before, custom cabinets are specially made from materials that are only applicable to the exact room it was made for. Since there are a wide array of options available in constructing it from start to finish, having an overlarge or undersized cabinet is purely avoidable. Not to mention it gives uniqueness and originality to the overall look of the kitchen.

 Custom and Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Modular Kitchen Cabinets

A direct contrast to the custom cabinets, modular cabinets are standalone units that are pre-designed and enables the owner to position it in any kitchen area of his/her choice. They can sometimes be known as semi-custom cabinets.

Another feature of modular cabinets is that they are separable to the other cabinets, which gives it a bit of an edge to custom cabinets in terms of versatility. This is also the reason as to why they can also be placed in other parts of the house like the bathroom and garage.

Modular cabinets are usually made from strong and durable materials. Some notable examples include medium density fiberboard, wood, or steel.

Difference to Custom Cabinets

Perhaps the most exclusive characteristic of modular cabinets is that they can save more time when it comes in the installation. Moreover, since it has nothing to do with the thorough and costly customization process, modular cabinets tend to be cheaper compared to the custom-made ones.

Choosing the right cabinet is tricky indeed. So be sure to consider the budget, time frame, and the available kitchen space before making the final decision.

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