Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets to Choose From

Selecting the right cabinets is one of the most important parts of a kitchen remodel.  When considering all of the options, you want to consider the look and style you want to showcase.


If you like a more contemporary modern style kitchen, you may want to use frameless cabinets.  Frameless cabinets are constructed without the outer border (face frame) which gives it a European sleek look. The other type of cabinets is called a framed cabinets.  These cabinets are made with the outer border called a face frame surrounding the cabinet box.  This type of cabinet will give you more of a conventional or traditional feel.


Once you have chosen the cabinet type, its time to select the door style.  If you like the look of wood, you can choose between raised panel and recessed panel doors.  Raised panel doors have a solid wood face frame with a solid wood center panel which giving the door a rich look.  Recessed doors have a solid wood frame with plywood in the center and are a good option if you need a budget friendly door.


For the traditional look you may consider doors with moldings applied to the door.  If you are considering contemporary look, then you might consider doors with straight lines or you may want to choose a simple flat door.   To break up the kitchen cabinets, glass is a great option. Glass itself comes in a variety of textures, such as frosted, beveled, reed or clear. .


Lastly, when considering all of the above details, decide if you want to go with in-stock cabinets or custom cabinets for your kitchen.  By choosing custom built cabinets, you will be able to maximize the functionality and get whatever look you want.  However, if you are trying to do a kitchen remodel on a smaller budget, in-stock cabinets are a great option. In-stock cabinets are much more affordable and with the variety of cabinet sizes and colors, you can get close to a custom cabinet.

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