Eclectic Kitchen Ideas Truly Reflect Your Personality

Look around your home. How much of it is really demonstrates your love of a particular style or décor? Hopefully, a lot of it!

More than anywhere, your home is where you can truly be you! As such, your décor should reflect your tastes and your personality. If you like soft and delicate, perhaps your master bedroom offers that kind of charm. If you’re more of an urban type, it’s likely your furniture isn’t soft and pink but something more amenable to your vibe. If you like old-fashioned, maybe you’ve made your dining room into a shabby chic paradise. You get the picture!

However, there’s nothing in the décor rulebook that says the rooms in your home need to be of one style only, including your kitchen. Eclectic kitchen ideas can combine two or more styles in a way that still makes them look cohesive while allowing you to mix elements of the different trends you love.

Here are a few examples of eclectic kitchens:

Contemporary cottage

Sounds like a real oxymoron, right? But you can nicely blend cottage style with contemporary to craft an eclectic kitchen that is truly diverse yet cohesive. A good way to achieve this is to vary your cabinet styles. Use a sleek, wood-grained cabinet with flat doors for your lower cabinets and add more traditional white upper cabinets with raised-panel doors for the upper cabinets. A hardwood or wood laminate floor continues the cottage feel, but you can add some more contemporary vibes with a glass tile backsplash or something similar. Finally, finish off your contemporary cottage eclectic kitchen with light fixtures in either style (or both, if you’re especially daring!).

Retro elegance

There’s nothing that says retro can’t be elegant or vice versa, but the two do indeed blend quite well together, with the end result being an eclectic kitchen design that’s both chic and whimsical. Start with very traditional cabinets, possibly in white or cream, and add some other elegant touches, like an upscale range hood and a crystal chandelier. Then add some elements that don’t quite fit in the elegant category, like open shelving to display brightly-colored plates, some retro diner-type bar stools in bright red, or even a single vintage appliance. Fun!

Retro elegance

Industrial meets rustic

When you think about combining styles for an eclectic kitchen design, perhaps these two aren’t as far apart as other combinations. When you put together industrial and rustic, some similar elements certainly stand out, like an abundant use of wood. So, to make your rustic kitchen a little more “hard” and rough around the edges, start with rustic wood cabinets but then consider options like cement countertops, a brick or subway tile backsplash, and certainly some industrial lighting fixtures. If you want a little more rustic in the mix, consider a faux tin tile ceiling for your eclectic kitchen.

Modern vintage

Well, that’s a term that certainly includes two words at opposite ends of the spectrum! Intriguing, though! So, what would you find in a modern vintage eclectic kitchen design? How about starting with modern stainless steel appliances that are state-of-the-art? Then add cabinets with a distressed finish that offer the vintage vibe you’re seeking. You might want to include a vintage sink with a skirted front as well as some other colorful textiles. Consider some floating shelves for your vintage accessories and then top it all off with a colorful vintage light fixture that you absolutely love. If you need more “modern” in this eclectic kitchen mix, look for a contemporary backsplash that adds a little more of an edge.

Modern vintage

Contemporary farmhouse

Farmhouse designs usually feature lots of wood, so for this eclectic kitchen plan, start with traditional wood cabinets and perhaps paint them blue. But instead of adding butcher block countertops, top them with something contemporary that perhaps even includes a little glitz. A hardwood or wood laminate floor adds some more farmhouse to the eclectic kitchen mix while stainless steel appliances are the ultimate in contemporary. To finish the picture, choose light fixtures, stools, and a backsplash that celebrates either farmhouse or contemporary.

Eclectic kitchens are fun to design and really let you use your imagination. They also allow you to combine more than one style you love and don’t strictly limit you to the parameters outlined by designers who specialize in one type or décor or another. In other words, you can do your own thing when you choose to design an eclectic kitchen!

At Mr. Cabinet Care, we can help you discover which style trends mix best for your eclectic kitchen and can guide you as you draft a plan that will result in the kitchen space of your dreams. Give us a call to get started!

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