What Factors Make Kitchen Remodeling Expensive? – Infographic


You probably have a concrete plan in mind if you’re planning a kitchen remodel. However, many homeowners tend to take a step back when they think about the most critical factor in kitchen remodeling—the budget for the renovation.

However, there is more to that than what meets the eye. So, let us share with you the factors that genuinely make a kitchen remodel expensive to help you with your planned kitchen renovation project.

What Factors Make Kitchen Remodeling Expensive?

Kitchen size

 One will agree that in kitchen remodeling in Santa Ana, the size of a kitchen is a significant determinant of its cost. If it is too small, its shape may not suit your needs. If it’s too large, it will look dated and unattractive.

The square footage of a kitchen may be the key determining factor that influences all other costs because larger kitchens generally require more drywall, flooring, paint, and cabinets. This means that a small kitchen under 70 square feet will run you between five and ten thousand dollars.

However, a large kitchen can run upwards of $60,000 if over 200 square feet. Those living in older houses can expect a higher budget because the existing finishes are likely to need replacement.

Layout & Design

 One of the significant factors that affect a kitchen remodeling cost is the design & layout of the kitchen. Professional kitchen builders know that a good structure and design will give you more room to move around without bumping into things and enable you to reach your kitchen appliances easily.

A good layout can set you back several thousand dollars, so getting multiple estimates is essential. Negotiate the price of labor and materials to keep costs down without forgetting to respect the contractor’s skill level and experience.

Pull, Replace, & Additions

 When it comes to the aesthetic, swapping kitchen cabinets, appliances, or adding a door, window, or a new sink can significantly increase your kitchen’s cost. So, be sure to consider the location of your new kitchen before making any changes.

Pro tip: To alleviate the installation budget, make your kitchen sink and appliances in almost the same kitchen area.

Material Selection

 Without any doubt, the products for the kitchen remodeling also add to the cost. As kitchen renovation projects can be considered a valuable asset, this means that the quality of the materials to be used must be durable, functional, and worth investing in to achieve your dream kitchen.

Installation and Construction Team

 If you are after the quality of your kitchen remodeling project, never settle design/construction companies that render second-rate kitchen renovations.

You should always keep your budget in mind and have room for necessary augmentation when you start planning a remodeling project. Once you’ve established your budget, you’ll need to get quotes from a few different contractors and decide on the best one.

Homeowners who do background check on kitchen remodeling companies in Placentia rarely regret the amount of money they shell out for the kitchen project because they understand that high quality is not just about the price. Still, the professional skill and effort are what qualified the builders in the first place. Besides, a quality result often increases the home’s value.


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