Five Fantastic Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas

Industrial kitchen design differs from kitchen to kitchen but all have at least one thing in common: they embrace the elements that make the kitchen truly industrial, like exposed pipe and ductwork, high ceilings, wood beams, and more. Industrial kitchens work best if you’re in an old building that already boasts these elements, but there are ways to make a kitchen in a “normal” home look industrial as well.

So, regardless of where you hang your hat, a good industrial kitchen designer can make you feel like your kitchen is part of a factory from the 19th century, using both major and minor components that speak of this interesting style. Some of these elements will be more subtle than others, but with a lot of brainstorming and a creative team behind you, you’ll be able to craft an industrial kitchen that’s timeless.

Consider these five fantastic ideas for your industrial kitchen:

  1. Concrete floors – If you’re in an old factory building, you may have a concrete or cement floor in place already. If you don’t have such a floor, it’s something you might consider. Concrete floors are virtually indestructible and they are perfect for industrial décor. They’re also super easy to clean – just sweep them. If you think the concrete looks too plain, you can spruce it up a little by polishing it with a sanding or grinding machine. Add a surface sealant so it doesn’t get slippery when wet.

Concrete floors

  1. Open shelves and ladders – Open shelving is quite popular in industrial kitchen designs. You can use such shelves to display your regular tableware or to store stuff that you don’t use very often. If you employ the use of open shelves that are very high, you can attach a library ladder that moves around so that you can reach the items at the top. A free-standing ladder leaned against the wall is suitable as well, and certainly looks industrial! Look for something made of wood instead of a traditional painter’s ladder.
  2. Colored wooden furniture – If you are intent on adding a little color to your otherwise monochrome industrial kitchen design plan, consider some wood furnishings that boast a little color. A distressed farm table painted in yellow or rusty orange or perhaps some blue chairs might be just the thing needed to perk up the room a bit. Try to avoid neon hues and other bright colors. They just don’t fit in with this décor.
  3. Vintage industrial light fixtures – Vintage is always a must with industrial kitchen design. After all, the whole industrial vibe comes from days gone by. One of the best places to make great use of vintage décor is in your lighting. Pendant lights that hang over your table or island are especially popular and can be fashioned from brass, copper, steel, or other hard metals and they look very factory-like. They can be single lights or you might find a fixture that includes 3 or 4 such lights fastened together. Some industrial lighting doesn’t include much more than just a bare bulb (look for antique “Edison” bulbs for the right touch) or you might actually find some artisan-made funky fixtures for your kitchen that are perfect for industrial décor spaces.
  4. White walls – If you’re concerned about the overall dark feeling of your industrial kitchen – and they can indeed be dark – you might think about painting your walls white, especially if your room is small. It’s an unusual element for an industrial kitchen design, but it can truly open up the space visually when you have little natural light. If you don’t want to do all white walls, you can paint one wall white or even add something like a white subway tile backsplash, which will still match the vibe of the room while adding a little brightness.

Vintage industrial light fixtures

Creating an industrial kitchen can be both fun and time-consuming, but if you have the right team of designers and other kitchen décor professionals on your side, they’ll get the job done correctly and in a timely manner. At Mr. Cabinet Care, we have vast experience in designing industrial kitchens for our clients and are eager to help you get started. For more information or to consult with one of our experts, call us today.

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