Hacks for a Clutter-Free Kitchen Remodeling


In a time when kitchen renovations are a must, keeping distractions minimal is a necessity. Daily preparations can be interrupted by remodeling that can last almost three days to a week. So, these hacks are for you if you’re searching for a way to clear out your kitchen, even with an ongoing kitchen renovation.


Hacks for a Clutter-Free Kitchen Remodeling

Gather your everyday items

Everyday kitchen items may include the following: mugs, plates, utensils, coffee maker, toaster, etc. Place them in boxes and place a label that will make everyone in your household know where to find these things when they need to use one. You can also have a separate box for ready-to-eat meals like biscuits, canned goods, etc., for easy access when you do not have a pantry before the renovation.

Have the alternative kitchen disposables

But since kitchen remodeling is ongoing, washing the dishes may also be challenging. The easiest way to make eating simpler is to have paper cups, plates, and disposable utensils ready for use. Doing this will mean everyday kitchen items will be recovered during the renovation process.

Get the items in your cabinets out

Pulling everything out from your cabinets and drawers and categorizing them will help organize your kitchen items and make you see which things are still good to use, discard, or donate. In so many cases, a kitchen is where we keep too much stuff we do not actually need. It is better to take it as an opportunity to declutter before the actual kitchen renovation begins.

Remove and cover

If other items are hanging on the wall, like curtains, blinds, and decors, make sure you remove them. This also applies to pots and pans that may be hanging near your kitchen stove for easy access. Please place them in a proper box to keep them safe and clean.

It would also be helpful to cover the furniture and the electronics (computers, television, sockets, etc.) to avoid dust and dirt to rest on these items. Some of the best organizational techniques include using the proper containers and keeping things in the right places. This includes keeping your sink tidy and ensuring your counters are clutter-free.

Relocate Pets and Plants

Part of your preparation for remodeling a kitchen is the safekeeping of your pets and plants. Remember to remove house plants, temporarily put them out in your garden, and return them when the renovation is finished. The same applies to your pets. Either put them out of the house or place them in another room. This will keep them away from where the remodeling is happening to avoid mishaps.


It may be hard to keep your kitchen clutter free before a major kitchen renovation, but this is part of a necessary step to get a functional and beautiful kitchen. Just take the time to weed out the lesser-used items first. Your kitchen will feel more spacious after doing the tips lined up for you in this article. After all, if you’re only using one item, you’re only taking up the counter space of one.



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