Keeping Your Countertops Clean and Shiny – Infographic

Aside from preparing your food, organizing the items in your storage area, and maintaining your appliances, one important thing that every homeowner must do is keeping the optimal condition of the countertops.

Since this is the very same area where you put most of your ingredients for cooking, countertops tend to be the most neglected part of the kitchen. What’s even unfortunate is that countertops can vary based on the material, meaning it could be very tricky or even impossible to find a universal solution that’s going to be effective in cleaning all of its surfaces.

Do you want to retain the former beauty of your countertop? Try out these cleaning tips for each countertop material!

Keeping Your Countertops Clean and Shiny - Infographic


Laminates are known for their cheap manufacturing costs combined with considerable durability and low-maintenance qualities.

Cleaning laminate countertops is not a complicated process. Simply use a sponge with a textured fiber or a toothbrush to remove any unwanted grease and resins from dried foods. Laminates are also resistant enough to handle acidic cleaning solutions like vinegar, bleach, and lemon juice.


A popular countertop material due to its elegant and dreamy appearance, marble possesses the properties of a metaphoric rock which the reason for its porous nature.

Unlike other countertop materials, marbles are incredibly susceptible to acidic solutions because of having high concentration of calcite.

Washing marble must be taken with utmost care. You’ll need a sponge and phosphate-free dish detergent mixed with lukewarm water. Additionally, removing stains requires the trick of sprinkling a little borax all around the affected areas. Rub with a sponge, then rinse with warm water and dry everything afterward with a clean cloth.


Granites are materials made from igneous rocks. They are mostly nonporous, so their smooth surface is arguably the best characteristic they had as far as maintenance is concerned.

Acidic solutions must be avoided when cleaning this countertop material. You may purchase any commercial cleaner especially made for granite materials as well as a soft cloth wet with warm water for wiping off traces of liquids and spills.

Ceramic Tiles

Regardless of whether glazed or unglazed, ceramic tiles are an excellent choice for countertops.

Baking soda is by far the most suitable cleaning agent for ceramic tiles. Use a damp sponge to remove water spots and grime. As for stains, baking soda mixed with borax and mild dish soap can do the trick by scrubbing it down around the surface.

Stainless Steel

Countertops made from stainless steel are a classic staple of professionally-designed home kitchens. Though the common issue for this material is the noticeable dents and scratches that it accumulated from months of extensive usage.

For cleaning steel countertops, apply a steel cleaner. Some light scratches may fade in time, but they can also be erased with a nylon scouring pad. The worst-case scenario for such countertops is deep scratches and dents, for it will require the help of a professional to repair any damages in the surface.

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