What are the Latest Modern Kitchen Cabinet Trends?

What are the Latest Modern Kitchen Cabinet Trends?

Kitchen trends change quite often, though there are some styles that have hung around for decades. But if you’re hoping for the latest craze in kitchen design for your upcoming remodel, you’ll want to look at these trends, which include modern kitchen cabinets and other touches that will wow you and your guests.

Which styles or designs you choose will depend on your goals for your kitchen. Is décor the most important aspect? Or is functionality high priority? Do you want to make your kitchen look bigger? Smaller? Brighter?

There are a lot of modern trends that can help you achieve a variety of design goals. Look at these options!

  • Add a bit of gold – Nothing makes your kitchen look more contemporary than a touch of gold. It also adds some drama to your space. So, add gold knobs or pulls to your floor-to-ceiling modern cabinets, consider a golden-wrapped island, look for a countertop with gold veins or flecks running through, and – by all means – don’t forget gold lighting and faucets. Even some gold in the backsplash might work but just make sure it’s not TOO much.
  • Dark cabinets – As you peruse modern kitchen cabinet trends, you’ll find that dark is in. But it doesn’t have to be black. Navy blue has become a very popular color as has dark gray. Either of those pair well with a variety of countertops, flooring, and other embellishments or accessories. What you’ll wind up with is a classic look with a bit of a twist!
  • Open wooden shelving – Modern kitchens don’t necessarily have to be matchy-matchy. More and more, we’re seeing homeowners install traditional cabinets in the lower half of the kitchen and then adding something trendier on top, like open shelves, perhaps made of a lovely, contrasting hardwood. This works great if your lower cabinets are white or off-white. Make sure, however, that you have enough storage space with just the lower cabinets because you’ll be eliminating some storage when you choose the shelves.
  • “Shaker” it up – The plain, squared-off look of traditional Shaker cabinets continues to be trendy, simply because they can be made to match with just about anything. Because they are quite plain, they’ll pair with any hardware, any countertop, any flooring. While they’re popular in white or off-white, they can be found in just about any color. When cabinets are simple, you can let your imagination soar with the rest of the elements in the kitchen.
  • Flat-panel cabinets – Modern kitchen cabinets with flat panel fronts are the ultimate in contemporary styling. If you’re looking for ultra-modern, this is it! No need for hardware or any other embellishments. These flat panel cabinets look clean and chic, and like Shaker cabinets, they can be found in a variety of colors and paired with a variety of other elements.
  • Cover it up – Don’t like the way your large refrigerator ruins the flow of your kitchen? Then conceal it and integrate it into your cabinetry for an uninterrupted look. Complete this modern kitchen look with floor to ceiling cabinets and maintain a monochromatic palette, such as all white. Also consider white appliances for the ones that can’t be covered, like the stove/range.
  • Drawers in the island – Instead of cabinet doors, design an island that has multiple drawers instead. It makes it much easier to retrieve things and definitely ups the contemporary look of your room. Choose the hardware carefully for a modern kitchen cabinet look that’ll still be timeless.
  • Work islands – Now more than ever, the modern kitchen includes a space for Mom, Dad, and/or the kids to work, sometimes all day. This could be a built-in desk or just a peninsula that divides two rooms. Be sure you include cabinets in the area because you’ll need storage for files and other items.

Today’s modern kitchens demand modern kitchen cabinets that make the room pop. At Mr Cabinet Care, we have dozens of samples of cabinet styles that’ll keep your kitchen looking clean, fresh, and up to date, whether you choose ultra-sleek contemporary cabinets or something a little less trendy. For more information on all our cabinet styles or to schedule an appointment with one of our kitchen remodel pros, visit us at www.mrcabinetcare.com.

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