Mr. Cabinet Care’s A Definitive Guide To The Most Popular Faucet Styles – Infographic

Without a doubt, water is one of the most vital resources every household must have. And as the main mechanism designed to control the flow of the water to your home, faucets play an important role in your day to day tasks.

Kitchen and bathroom remodelers nowadays tend to explain thoroughly to their clients how beneficial it would be to install new faucets as part of their remodeling project. In addition to the sinks, has also have a wide range of choices in terms of style. Each style can effectively transform the look and functionality of your sink area in one way or another.

To give you some knowledge of the most popular faucet styles, here’s a definitive guide for you!

Mr. Cabinet Care’s A Definitive Guide To The Most Popular Faucet Styles


Sink Style #1: Pull-out & Pull-down

Pull-out faucets are known for its short spout with a longer hose that can be moved in different directions. Though pull-out faucets are a bit behind pull-downs as far as appeal and sales are conserved, this style is highly ideal for those who own smaller sinks.


  • Possess longer hose that can help a lot in filling large pans and pots
  • Shorter spout doesn’t occupy too much space
  • Has a much more flexible spray head


  • Can be a bit difficult to use if you have big hands
  • Shorter spout also means that you won’t get to fill taller items such as pitchers

On the other hand, a pull-down is a faucet style that usually has a taller and arching spout to make moving around the sink much more convenient. As the name implies, pull-down faucets can be used by pulling down the handle or lever. Pull-down faucets work best with large and deeper sinks.


  • Smaller chance of getting kinks in the house
  • Has many design options based on the user’s preference


  • Can sometimes lose water pressure due to the height of the spout

Sink Style #2: Commercial

If you wanted to showcase your ability in cooking, you could as well make a silent statement by making your faucets look more professional. Perhaps the least popular on this list, but don’t let that discourage you as it will be more likely to become more renowned in the coming years. Its defining characteristic is its feature that allows the spray head to be stretched through its spring sprout.

Sink Style #3: Separate Spray

Faucets with a detached spray spot can be a good choice for sinks that are usually used for washing dishes. With a simple-looking faucet, rest assure that this can be a good additional accessory for your vintage, traditional, or minimalist kitchen.

Sink Style #4: Dual-Handle

Dual-handle faucets is a versatile faucet style with the ability to manipulate the temperature of the water. A modern choice for most households, having two faucet handles can also be useful in case of a leak where you can avoid using one of the handles for a while as you wait for it to be repaired. What’s even more interesting is that dual-handle faucets are available in different color choices.

Sink Style #5: Wall-Mount

Are you planning to install a vessel sink in your bathroom? You might want to pair it with wall-mounted faucets! This faucet style is a low maintenance choice as well as a good way to provide more space.

Time to augment your kitchen and bathroom sinks with these highly functional sink styles! Make a choice based on what you need, and what type of sink you have.

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