New Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Spices

New Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Spices

If you have a spice rack in your kitchen, but it seems like everything is a mess, consider some new ways to organize and accessorize your spices:

Tiered bamboo spice racks

Tiered bamboo spice racks have two rows of space, making it easy to see everything at once. This style of spice rack is also portable, with a handle to move from kitchen to table. They are also great for everyday spices. They are also made to fit into a cabinet or drawer. However, they may be too small for a large kitchen, or you may often find it difficult to reorganize your spices.

Tiered mason jars

To organize your kitchen spices, you can use mason jars. You can get tiered jars of various sizes and styles, and these jars can help you see what you’re cooking with. To get the most from your storage space, purchase a tiered rack. It will help you store spices in the right place while also making it easier to access the labels. Make sure to check the height of your drawer and the size of your spice jars to find the right one.

Repurposed baby food jars

Repurposed baby food jars can be turned into storage containers for just about anything in your kitchen, from kitchen spices to leftover leftovers. Not only do these containers make great storage containers for kitchen spices, but they can also be used to store other small items such as crafts, office supplies, and even small pieces of food.

Magnetic spice rack

There are many ways to use a magnetic spice rack in your kitchen. One great idea is to use the underside of cabinets to store spices. You can even add a little style to your cabinets by using small metal canisters. These canisters can latch onto the cabinet doors and easily access the spices you need.

Roll up a piece of paper

If you want to save space in your kitchen, consider using a lazy susan. The spinning holder keeps all your spices easily accessible and is a great way to keep extras nearby. A non-skid surface is also helpful because it doesn’t send spices flying. And you’ll never have to deal with messy spills again. Try a paper bag if you’re looking to save even more space.

Using a thick white paint marker

If you don’t have a dedicated spice drawer, you can organize your kitchen spices by adding labels to each jar. These labels can be placed on the jars themselves, but be sure to choose containers that match the style and color of the rest of your kitchen. While labels can be added to individual jars, they should be understated to avoid visual clutter. You can have your labels hand-written or use a permanent marker for a more professional look.

Using a pull-out spice cabinet

If you’re having trouble finding the right spice to use in a recipe, consider purchasing a pull-out spice cabinet. Pull-out storage is ideal for small spaces between the fridge and the wall. It’s easy to use and keeps the spices at your fingertips. Many spice storage solutions are available on the market, including wire racks inside the pantry door. A common option is to use custom labels to identify which spices are most often used.

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