No-Headache Kitchen Remodeling

There’s a lot that goes into kitchen remodeling. You need to research styles, design a layout, and buy supplies – and that’s not even to mention the actual hard work of construction. But updating your kitchen should be a fun and exciting time: why let your remodel cause you headaches?

Here’s the one (not-so-hidden) secret that will really help to simplify everything:

Create a Plan

Much like any other major project, a successful kitchen remodel starts with a bit of thoughtful planning. If you’ve already have  an image of your dream kitchen in your head, that’s great – but don’t worry if you don’t yet. What’s important is figuring out the broad strokes.

Some of the things you’ll want to start thinking about include:

  • Color scheme – color really sets the tone (no pun intended) for any room, and can be the biggest difference between a sleek and modern food prep space or an old-country French kitchen. This isn’t just about paint color, either – you’ve got plenty of otions for cabinets, countertops, lamps, etc.
  • Floor layout – how do you want your kitchen to flow? The position of cabinet and countertops and appliances lead the eye to different areas of the room, and determine where you and your guests will walk and gather.
  • Décor elements – cabinet faces, tile backsplashes, lighting fixtures, and even door handles are just a few of the many small elements that can have a big impact on style.

Not sure where to start? Our design consultants are happy to offer their input. In the meantime, spark your creativity with some our specific kitchen design tips and photo galleries!

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