How to Organize and Declutter Your Kitchen Appliances

As one of the main storage areas of the entire home, it’s not a surprise for everyone that kitchens tend to become messy or cluttered for the most part of the day. From preparing meals, washing the dishes, and cleaning every area, your kitchen could easily look horrible regardless of its design if you don’t properly put things where they should be – especially the appliances.

If you wanted to make your kitchen tasks more time-efficient, it’s imperative to organize your kitchen appliances in ways that are very optimal to achieve such a goal. Try out the following tips of quickly organizing and decluttering your kitchen appliances:

Step #1: Categorize the Appliances based on How Often You Use Them

Group your appliances according to their usage. One group for those you frequently used, occasionally used, and never used. This can be very useful if you have a limited kitchen storage space as you can determine which appliances you should prioritize on when you wanted to put something on your kitchen cabinets, basement, etc.

Tip #2: Consider Your Choices When Trying to Get Rid of Your Never Used Appliances

If you want to declutter your kitchen filled with unused kitchen appliances, you will have to make a hard decision that some people might even refuse to do – get rid of them. Of course, it would be tough to let go of your old kitchen appliances but to prevent them from ruining the beauty of your kitchen; you’ll need to store them in a different place in your home, such as the basement. We don’t recommend putting them on the trash unless you already own a number of the same appliances and one or two of them don’t work anymore.

Another option that you have in addition to changing the storage area and discarding them is you can donate or recycle them.

Tip #3: Declutter Your Kitchen Cabinets

Perhaps the reason why your kitchen is completely cluttered with appliances right now is that your cupboards are already full. You’ll also need to but the clutter out so that you can fit some kitchen appliances for later. Look for any stuff that you don’t use anymore and take them out. Since you’re trying to empty your cabinets, you can as well use this opportunity to clean and organize its contents. Check out these blogs on how to organize kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinet cleaning tips to know more.

Tip #4: Put Your Occasionally Used Appliances on Storage

Some examples of occasionally used appliances can be your food processor, ice cream maker, blender, and slow cooker. These appliances deserved a place on your dedicated kitchen storage areas such as your higher shelves, or even your lower cabinets. The choice is up to you but it’s better to move then on places where you can easily recall in case you suddenly need one of them.

Tip #5: Keep Your Frequently Used Appliances on the Most Accessible Areas of the Kitchen

Every home has its kitchen layout, making it impossible to find a universally accepted way of properly storing your frequently used kitchen appliances. However, the best tip when figuring out where you should put those appliances that you use every day is that they should be located on areas with easy access such as your countertops the shelves below your meal prep area. You can apply the kitchen work triangle principle where you can position them near the busiest area of the room: the cooktop, sink, and the fridge.

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