Three Most Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials Specified by Kitchen Designers Last Year

Three Most Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials Specified by Kitchen Designers Last YearOne of the most important steps if you’re planning to remodel your kitchen is finding the appropriate kind of material for the countertop. Countertop serves an integral part of the looks and functionality of the kitchen as a whole.

Luckily for us, kitchen remodeling designers today have always been more than willing to provide a lot of recommendations when it comes in making the best choice.

In fact, to help you even more, we have listed three kitchen countertop materials that became the biggest trends as recent as the last year:


While quartz can be considered to be the second most abundant minerals on the earth’s surface, the one used in countertops isn’t specifically pure quartz. They are actually made from some amounts of natural quartz mixed with other stones and resins.

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), quartz holds the record for the most commonly specified kitchen countertop materials available, followed by granite.

This mineral was originally designed as a more versatile alternative to granite and marble. Another notable characteristic of quartz is that it possesses a nonporous surface which can resist scratches and stains. There are a couple of downsides on this material though – they can become way costlier and less heat resistant compared to the others on this list.

Three Most Popular Kitchen Countertop


If you’re looking for aesthetic quality, granite is the best material for you. Granite holds the throne for the best countertop of choice before the advent of the quartz. But still, it maintained some of its highly desirable characteristics like durability against heat, customizability, and luxurious appearance. Just be mindful that carrying too much weight can possibly result in some cracks on its surface, although this problem isn’t that hard to bear as granite is a low maintenance stone capable of being easily repaired at any given moment.


This natural stone is also a very good example of the most used countertop material of 2018 due to its physical uniqueness and beauty. It’s been said that no two sheets of marble are exactly the same, so if you installed a marble countertop, then you are definitely the only one having that kind of kitchen countertop design.

However, this stone can also prove to be the most fragile in the three as it was quite porous and extremely prone to scratches and stains especially when it gained too much exposure from acidic substances. Be sure to check it regularly if it needs to be repaired if this is what you’re opting for.

Remember that these kitchen countertop materials, while highly popular still have their pros and cons. So regardless of the year and current trends, think very carefully and take a good look at your kitchen to see what kind of countertop it really needs in helping you accomplish most of your day-to-day kitchen chores.

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