Pros and Cons of Wall Mounted Range Hoods – Infographic


There are many benefits to installing a wall-mounted range hood, including the ability to clean the air in the kitchen after cooking thoroughly. With this appliance, you no longer have to worry about smoke fumes or lingering smells that stay in a kitchen. A wall-mounted range hood is an excellent option for homeowners who want to keep their kitchen cabinets free from oil and grime.

However, there are still pros and cons that need considering when planning to install one. Continue reading to know whether a wall-mounted range is good in your kitchen.

Pros and Cons of Wall Mounted Range Hoods

Ability to Fit in the Kitchen

Because not all home has the provision of a spacious kitchen, range hoods seem impossible to install. Ducted range hoods, for example, are less flexible in terms of installation. This kind of wall-mounted hood requires an ample amount of space. It needs proper installation of ducts from the kitchen to the outer part of the house. This makes it impossible to use in kitchens of limited space.

However, there is no denying that this range hood can handle large volumes of smoke, odors, and particles that need to be out of the kitchen. It maintains good air quality in a quieter and more energy-efficient manner.

Pro-Tip: You can opt for ductless wall-mounted range hoods if you have a smaller kitchen space.


Of course, the pros and cons of wall-mounted range hoods include their price. Prices vary depending on the hood’s target size, model, and brand. The best wall-mounted range hoods also have many great features that explain a single unit’s possible pricing. For instance, highly effective venting and recirculating kitchen exhaust compared to one that has a charcoal filter may have a lower price. But whichever you choose will always be backed by your preference and budget.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular cleaning of range hoods may be considered a drawback. But the thing is, if you don’t check on this for cleaning, the range hood cannot do its work correctly. Grease that accumulates in the filters tends to block the air passages making the kitchen smell foul. Here’s the good news, most range hoods have removable filters you can take and wash easily. When you do this regularly, your range hood will be good for many years.

Noise Production

When it comes to efficiency, ducted hoods are preferred by many as they are also known to be quieter than other hoods. However, noise production varies in range hoods. It still depends on the brand, model, and how well one can take care of it. One thing is sure: low-efficiency wall-mounted range hoods can be pretty noisy. Because of the noise, you may not want to use one in a shared kitchen.

However, the value of a wall-mounted range hood far outweighs any potential noise issue because of the work it does in keeping the kitchen odor and humid-free.

Range hoods as part of the kitchen ensemble do great wonders in the food preparation area. Not only do they create an aesthetic focal point in the kitchen, but they keep it smelling good and clean.  Start your home improvement journey with us at Mr. Cabinet Care. We can help you schedule a FREE in-home estimate today! Just contact us at (714) 961-1900.

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