Tips for Making Your Kitchen Safe for Kids – Infographic

With the most hectic chores usually done in the kitchen, children are indeed the ones who are extremely prone to accidents that could happen at home.

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, over 3.5 million children are hospitalized due to physical injuries that they sustained from home each year. Due to sheer curiosity, they could even sometimes do things that might comprise the safety of everyone in the household.

However, kids will always be kids. It’s up to the adults to make sure that certain parts of the house, especially the kitchen, will become a safer place for its inhabitants.

In case you have your kitchen newly remodeled, then you should consider applying the following safety tips for your children!

Tips for Making Your Kitchen Safe for Kids - Infographic

Keep your knives and other sharp utensils in the upper cabinets

Your lower cabinets will most likely become the most accessible storage area for everyone, including the kids. Even toddlers can open those cupboards, so you have to ensure that there will no harmful objects lingering within its drawers. The first thing that you need to relocate should be your knives and other sharp utensils. That’s why it’s highly recommended to install upper kitchen cabinets since their elevated position keeps those objects away from the children’s reach.

Make sure that the kitchen floor is clean and dry

If you found yourself accidentally tripping over your slippery kitchen floor, then you should have it mopped and dried right away. With your children playing around your house, there’s a good chance that the same thing will happen once they ran around the kitchen. You should as well get rid of any piece of random food from the floor to avoid your kids from eating it.

Put away electrical appliances after use

If you regularly use kitchen appliances that utilize electricity such as a blender, put them away after each use. Pay attention to your kitchen’s network of electrical cables and just like your knives, have them placed from areas away from your children’s reach. Invest in some outlet cover to keep them from inserting their fingers on the outlets.

Install safety locks

You can secure your entire storage area by purchasing specific kitchen cabinet hardware like safety locks. It can be a more convenient idea in case the upper cabinets aren’t enough to store items that you’re trying to keep away from your children.

Educate your children

Talking to your children regarding things that they must never play as well as proper behavior in the kitchen remains to be one of the most effective tips to keep them away from danger. Explaining everything in a simple way can already help them to get mentally conditioned on applying the importance of practicing safety kitchen precautions as they grow up.


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