Tips For Planning a Pet-Friendly Kitchen Space – Infographic

January 6, 2023


When designing a pet-friendly kitchen, many considerations are essential to keep in mind. Creating a space that suits furry friends is vital to an enjoyable kitchen time with the family. For other homeowners, keeping pets out of the kitchen may seem impossible. But a pet-friendly kitchen is achievable with enough imagination and good planning.

Tips For Planning a Pet-Friendly Kitchen Space

It Starts with the Kitchen Layout

When planning a cabinet refacing in Chino Hills, one first conceptualizes a simple layout. This serves as a guide for a smooth organization of kitchen cabinet accessory options. The same is true when one wants their kitchen to become pet-friendly. A kitchen layout can include planning out a designated space for your pets. Kitchen remodeling in Cypress can help you give them a corner to rest or eat. This will save you tons of headaches when preparing meals for the family.

Consider your furry friend’s height when planning that dedicated corner for it. Keep a scratching post ready if your pet is on the small side. Alternatively, you can remove cupboards beneath worktops and install a bed that matches its size.

Paws Away

One of the best designs for a pet-friendly kitchen keeps pets out of the primary prep and cooking areas. Ensure that everyday kitchen items are properly stored and secured to keep their paws away from prying every time. You can install a child lock on your cabinets, drawers, and cooking appliances to prevent emergency visits to the veterinarian.

Easy-to-Clean and Dark Toned Floors and Counters

Other vital parts of your kitchen include the floor and countertops. While you may want to avoid scratching wood floors, quartz and cement countertops will be a good choice if you have dogs or cats. With these pets, expect some accidents to happen. Spills are widespread when you have pets, so it is also an excellent option for easy-to-clean surfaces. These are usually the ones that have smooth exteriors for easy wiping.

You can also choose a dark but sophisticated color scheme for your kitchen; it could be navy blue, gray, or brown. This will help camouflage your pets’ fur on the floor and disguise marks, giving you enough time to clean before your friends visit.

Other details to consider:

Aside from a cozy corner for your pets, consider incorporating a pet feeding station into your kitchen design. Pet feeding stations are designed to provide a safe, convenient, clean area to feed your pet. You may have to research before purchasing one, but a well-designed feeding station can help keep your pet’s bowls off the floor and out of your way.

Another is installing a pull-out wastebasket drawer. A drawer is an easy and convenient way to store your pet’s litter box, food, or grooming needs. But be sure to have a safety lock before your pet discovers them.


The kitchen is the soul of your home, so remember to consider your pets when planning the design. Creating a designated pet area, keeping your pet away from the kitchen’s most common areas, and considering pet-friendly finishes can all help you create a great kitchen.

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