Upcoming Kitchen Trends of 2021 – Infographic

Throughout the past decades, the kitchen has grown to become a place not just to for cooking dishes but also an entertainment or social hub for its owners. This provided more opportunities for kitchen designers to come up with a lot of ways to innovate their services for the purpose of improving today’s kitchen lifestyle.

With the start of 2021, many kitchen remodeling companies are looking forward to offer their clients more options in upgrading the beauty and functionality of their meal prep areas. Despite the lockdowns of the previous year, the industry remains adamant that more and more homeowners will become interested about the benefits of a kitchen remodeling project.

Take a look at some examples of kitchen design options that might just become parts of most households this 2021!

Upcoming Kitchen Trends of 2021 - Infographic

1. Deep Greens and Blue

White will have to take a break for a while for more unconventional colors will enter the kitchens on 2021. Bold colors such as green and blue are expected to be seen in many newly remodeled kitchens, and the list might also include the three primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) which will become the mainstream choice among the appliances.

2. Glass

When it comes in elegance, only few can contend the capabilities of glass in kitchen design. Fragile as they are, glass will likely become a common sight to behold for kitchen cabinets. Whether its frosted or transparent glass, keeping a cabinet’s contents lightly exposed can make a kitchen more appealing.

3. Multifunctional Appliances

Recent breakthroughs in technology have elevated the quality and capabilities of modern kitchen appliances. With devices that can serve different purposes, smaller kitchens can now invest on few and smaller appliances without spending too much money and wasting kitchen space.

4. Open-Concept Layout

While an open-concept kitchen has been a trend for the past years, it could remain for this year, as more small living spaces are being constructed in cities. By eliminating the barriers that serves as the borders between each area of a home, space is maximized and accomplishing daily kitchen tasks can be more convenient than before.

5. Texture

Tactile surfaces, in addition to a new set of bold colors, are the possible defining trends of 2021. The sense of touch will possibly play a major role for many kitchen designers as more appliances are crafted beautifully with this important factor in mind. New types of cupboards and appliances might emerge bearing meticulous and artistic designs in hardware, providing more emphasis in handmade materials.

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