Urban Kitchen Design Ideas Feature Varied Elements

Urban kitchen designs can be found just about everywhere, but statistics show that they are especially popular with so-called Gen Y-ers, young people born between about 1981 and 1995. This is a generation that’s keen on city life and, in addition, are very environmentally conscious. They’re creative, open-minded, and eager to explore new things. And with 31 million Gen Y’ers in the U.S., it’s no wonder the urban kitchen design has become more popular than ever, with this group of individuals exerting more influence on design and architecture each year.


Modern urban kitchens are super versatile, despite their sometimes-small size. Their color palettes are lovely and soothing and, more than ever, the textures are becoming quite interesting, featuring a mix of both natural and man-made products.

Glossy finishes

More and more, city dwellers are turning to materials with glossy finishes to spruce up their urban kitchen designs. These mostly man-made materials with metallic or high-glass finishes have become especially popular in kitchens where other elements in the same room are quite matte in appearance. It’s not unusual, for example, for these modern kitchens to include sleek plain gray cabinets and then laminate countertops that include a bit of a sparkle and shine.

Glossy finishes

Natural finishes

Urban-style kitchens can also incorporate a number of natural elements. It’s quite common, for example, to find materials such as quartz, granite, wood, or composite stone in an urban kitchen design. As a matter of fact, there could be a mixture of both natural and man-made materials all in the same kitchen. That’s what makes it so interesting to the eye.

This potential combination of textures in an urban kitchen design also makes the kitchen tactilely interesting, with surfaces you simply want to run your hands over just to see how one feels different from the other.


For the most part, urban kitchens are usually super modern, with elements that include plenty of straight lines and not a lot of frou-frou, so to speak. But that’s not always the case.


Look around most urban kitchens and you’ll find things like flat-front cabinets in shades or white, black, or gray; stainless steel appliances, islands that also serve as dining tables, industrial lighting, and plenty of other “hard” elements. This is a pretty traditional blueprint for the urban kitchen. It usually flows into another space in the home, using the open concept as a way to make it look larger and a way to make everything in the house connect.

Vintage elements

It isn’t unusual, however, for some city dwellers to add some vintage elements to their urban kitchen design. Actually, vintage and urban mix quite well, and an addition such as a vintage appliance or some vintage light fixtures can add interest to an otherwise stark urban kitchen. Vintage works especially well if the home is of a certain age, perhaps built in the 1940s or 1950s. It gives a little nod to the home’s heritage.

Industrial elements

Of course, industrial and urban go hand and hand, and more often than with any other style, you’ll find industrial elements in a modern urban kitchen design. Industrial lighting is especially popular, made of hard metals that add a little polish to the already chic kitchen. They look wonderful hanging over the island/eating area! Also consider a brick backsplash for a good mix of urban and industrial or even some glass tiles on the wall behind the sink.


You can also end some softness or a slightly different vibe to your urban kitchen design by bringing in some accessories that are less modern. While plants are popular in urban kitchens, you could consider potting them in something delicate, or you can add a bowl of fruit in an ornate glass bowl or include a shabby chic spice rack on the counter. The possibilities are endless and should be dictated by your tastes.


It can be fun to mix elements of different styles while still maintaining the main focus of the design which, in this case, is still modern urban.

At Mr. Cabinet Care, we understand the particulars of mixing textures and other elements and can help you create the ideal urban kitchen in your city space. We’ve got tons of suggestions for appropriate cabinets, countertops, flooring, and more, and are excited to share with you our expertise in building urban kitchen designs. For a free no-obligation consultation, call us today.

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