Ways To Maximize Your Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Ways to maximize your kitchen cabinet storage

When there are kitchen items on sale, it’s hard to resist buying them especially if it’s a good deal. Not to mention that the holidays are near and it’s the perfect time to buy new dinnerware for the guests. However, after shopping for new ones, here comes the challenge ̶  storage.

Having trouble fitting everything into those cupboards and drawers? Here are five smart, easy ways to maximize your kitchen cabinet storage:

Repack half-empty pantry items

One of the main reasons why your kitchen cabinets lack space is that some of your pantry items are already half-empty, but their boxes and packs still consume the same amount of space.

As a result, some of your newly bought goods end up on your counter and look like a bunch of clutter. So, why not repack them into smaller containers instead?

Repacking pantry items into smaller containers like glass jars and plastic food containers won’t only help you free up space for your new grocery items, it will also keep your ingredients fresh through air-tight storage.

Use kitchen cabinet organizers

Aside from your pantry items, your kitchenware can also make your kitchen cabinets pretty crowded, leaving no space for new ones ̶  especially now that the holidays are almost here, and you might want to buy new dinnerware to make your celebrations extra special.

You can solve this space shortage through using kitchen cabinet organizers such as utensil drawer inserts, cabinet plate racks, and peg board drawer inserts.

These organizers won’t only help you maximize your storage space, it’ll also make your kitchenware look easy on the eyes and easier to find in a neat pile.

Install screw hooks under your shelves and cabinets

Light kitchenware like teacups, ladles, and spatulas don’t need to invade your kitchen cabinet interiors, you can hang them just ride under it through installing screw hooks.

Nevertheless, make sure that your cabinet material is thick and durable enough to hold the screws well otherwise, the holes might get stripped and drop your fragile items.

How to maximize your kitchen cabinet storage

Use the back of your cabinet doors

Still not enough kitchenware space after using kitchen cabinet organizers and installing screw hooks? Then you should use the back of your kitchen cabinet doors.

You can simply hang a multi-layer storage bag, or  hang a pegboard onto it, insert s-shaped hooks into the holes of the pegboard, and there you have it  ̶ an instant utensil holder and space saver!

Install toe kick drawers

Emergency supplies like candles, flashlights and batteries are a must-have in any kitchen because you’ll never know when the power goes out. You might even encounter it while chopping or cooking.

However, these items don’t look like they belong in the kitchen. You can’t store them near your food or kitchenware. Storing them under your sink together with your cleaning items is not a good idea either because they might get wet with bleach or liquid detergent. So why not install toe kick drawers instead?

See that narrow gap between your kitchen cabinets and the floor? You can still store so much in there. Plus, you can also keep valuables like key duplicates down there because they’re almost invisible to strangers without the handles.

Now that you know the best storage hacks, no more storage dilemmas even after a good shopping experience. Maximize your kitchen cabinet storage area with us today! Contact us at (714) 961-1900.


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