Choosing Laminated Drawers for Your Kitchen


Laminate is a durable and attractive material which can mimic many other materials. This material is hard, thicker than a credit card, and as strong as rhino skin. It is also scratch, stain, and water resistant and is made from thin sheets of heat-fused paper covered with melamine plastic. As a result, laminate gained widespread popularity after World War II, and many architects embraced it for its low-maintenance nature.

When choosing laminate drawers for your kitchen, there are several factors to consider before making your final decision. Considerations include color, fire resistance, durability, and easy maintenance. Only then you can decide if a particular finish is suitable for your kitchen and budget. Read on to learn more about laminate finishes for your cabinets.

Choosing Laminated Drawers for Your Kitchen


Choose the colors of laminate drawers according to the scheme of your kitchen. You can select a dark-toned laminate for the kitchen drawers if you have a dark-themed kitchen. If your kitchen is a more neutral shade, you can choose a lighter color for the drawers.  Always choose a color that blends well with the room’s overall theme.

The most common colors for kitchen laminate are white and blue. Light-hued sunmica helps in illuminating the crucial areas of the kitchen. Combined with light-colored tiles, it is very soothing to the eyes. Moreover, this color complements the darker hues of the tiles. You can choose contrasting colors to give your kitchen a modern look. You can also opt for a combination of dark and light-hued laminate to complement your kitchen’s colors.


The key in keeping your laminate drawers lies in your knowledge in its proper maintenance. While you might be tempted to use abrasive cleaners to make the drawers look new, you can prolong the life of your laminate by using mild detergents and household sponges. Moreover, it is essential to protect the laminate from scratches by using a countertop sponge and overlay. Overlays are not ideal, however, as they tend to wear down over time and may dull your new laminate drawers.

Avoid soaking the laminate in water for extended periods. And remember that light-colored laminates are more scratch-resistant than darker ones, which is why you should avoid using harsh detergents and cleaning products.


Laminated drawers can be made from different materials, including brushed steel and matte-finish laminates. If you are opting for brushed steel, it can add a touch of color to your kitchen while staying on the lighter side. However, metal laminate edges can be dangerous unless they are smooth. Flame-resistant laminates are made from special chemicals that will slow the spread of fire and delay the temperature buildup. You can find flame-resistant laminates from brands such as Greenlam and CenturyPly.

But be careful not to overdo the application of this treatment because it will make the laminate surface more porous and more prone to stains.

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