Kitchen Style & Design Ideas for Homes in Orange County, Los Angeles & San Diego

How many thymes have you searched for your spices in a deep cupboard that’s too high up to reach? Save yourself time and comfort by having all your spices organized in one easy-to-reach place. Our custom built spice rack is a great way tidy up your space, make cooking a breeze, and stay unified in the kitchen. We also offer lazy susans, pull out trays, utensil drawer inserts, and many other accessories to provide more storage space for your kitchen.

Backsplashes come in many different colors, patterns and materials. Narrowing down the design you want to convey in your kitchen will help determine how to pick the perfect backsplash. Are you looking to add interest to a modern kitchen or do you want to achieve a more traditional style? Learn about how to incorporate a backsplash that will fit the ambiance of your room and suit your taste.

At Mr. Cabinet Care we can custom make cabinetry and shelving to suit your style. So whether you want an open design or custom cabinets in your kitchen, we deliver beautiful decor options without compromising much-needed storage space

Lighting is a crucial decor element in any kitchen. Evolving from its humble beginnings, stylized lighting can illuminate any room with understated beauty. Whether you want traditional elegance or contemporary flair, lighting is a key component to tie the design of a space together. In this industrial kitchen, the vintage style lighting looks great in exposed fixtures to add an element of warmth.

Tip: Another great option that contributes to the elegance of a kitchen, is the addition of under cabinet LED lighting. As an added bonus, LED lights are great energy savers too!

It can either be an eyesore or leave you feeling tranquil and calm – the color of paint plays an important role in kitchen design. You can use paint on an accent wall to add a distinct color, or in small doses by painting your cabinets a custom hue. Also, a popular trend that’s springing up in today’s kitchens is the use of colorful appliances. Instead of stainless steel, many homeowners are opting to accent their kitchen with bright colored fridges, oven ranges, and more. No matter how you use it, paint contributes to the overall desired ambiance of your kitchen. If you need help choosing which paint color to use, allow one of our talented design consultants to offer their expertise.

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