Kitchen Remodelling Trends for 2023 – Infographic

November 3, 2022


As 2022 comes to its final months, we’ve seen how functional kitchen space can be. From food preparation and dining to work and entertainment, this place is worth updating now and then. Whether you’re planning a new kitchen or are looking to remodel your current one, the kitchen remodeling trends for 2023 are worth considering.

Kitchen Remodelling Trends for 2023


What are kitchen design trends likely to become outdated in 2023?

Before getting ideas for this coming year’s kitchen remodel, knowing which ones will be out must come first. We all know that anything too trendy always tends to be a candidate for replacement. For 2023, here are some of the trends that you might have to say goodbye to:


  • Open shelving – this kitchen trend proved helpful for the past years, but they tend to accumulate clutter and dust. However, if you want to retain some of it, make it a place to display decors you love looking at instead of kitchen items of everyday use.


  • Dark-colored hardware may be cabinets, knobs, accent walls, backsplashes, etc. People are saying goodbye to this trend as this seems to make a kitchen small and stressful instead of cozy and relaxing.


Pro-tip: Never go all out for trends, especially ones that involve floors, backsplashes, or anything that may be too costly to change. Trends come and go for a reason. Therefore, it is always better to stick with timeless kitchen designs that are easy to tweak regardless of the craze.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2023

Don’t worry; these “trends” are likely to be under the category “timeless” and become your favorite for years to come.

Open Kitchen Design

Also known as transitional kitchens, this open and spacious kitchen concept is to stay. This has become a perfect place for people to do different tasks: children’s assignments, office work, etc. But regardless, the kitchen retains its primary purpose through the items found in the area that creates its distinct zone.

Kitchen Islands

With the kitchen becoming more versatile, kitchen islands are the most functional. It provides the kitchen with a focal point, additional storage, and a communal area for family and friends to socialize. Not only do they function as breakfast bars or extended cooking areas, but they also serve as the “extra” workspace area. More kitchen designs are now, including additional seats to kitchen islands, making them more family-friendly.

Metal and Wood Accents

Mixing and matching metal finishes with natural materials will be standard for many kitchens and will become even more popular in the future. This is especially true for two-tone kitchen styles. One identifying feature of this trend is wood cabinets designed with decorative handles on flat-fronted cabinet doors.

Muted Colors

If you’re wondering what colors are for 2023, muted colors will be. These colors include sage greens, pale terracotta, and plaster pinks. They complement a variety of interior styles and make kitchens breathable and cozy.


In summary, 2023 kitchen remodeling is geared toward minimal styles and integrated designs. They also highlight playful touches, such as large plants, open spaces, and colors that calm a mostly busy kitchen. In this article by Mr. Cabinet Care, we hope you find other kitchen trends that you may easily incorporate into your kitchen remodel ideas.

The kitchen remodeling trends for the coming year are full of creative design ideas that can add a unique touch to your space. If you are considering adapting to these trends, contact us at (714) 961-1900 for a schedule and a FREE in-home estimate.

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