Best Traditional Design Ideas for Smaller Kitchens – Infographic

Despite the continuous emergence of new and innovative trends and kitchen design, the saying “old is gold” remains true for many homeowners’ preferences.

Timeless as they are, traditional or classical kitchen designs might not stand out against the newest fashion statements of today. Still, they are excellent in bringing out the best in space regardless of its size.

Apart from being future-proof, traditional kitchens can typically be designed without spending too much on your wallet. With more strategic planning, it is possible to even for a small kitchen to be upgraded by following a traditional motif.

Here are some traditional design ideas that you can try in case you want to avail a kitchen remodeling project!

Best Traditional Design Ideas for Smaller Kitchen

Open Layout

An open layout is a concept in interior design that utilizes an open floor plan to maximize the use of small spaces. In kitchen remodeling, an open layout can be achieved by eliminating any noticeable boundaries that can occupy too much space, such as walls. This way, a kitchen, and a living room can be fitted in a single room, which saves up a lot of space in the process.

U-Shaped Floor

If you don’t like integrating several parts of your home altogether, an alternative layout that you can consider for your kitchen is a U-shaped floor layout. By lining up your kitchen units in three connected walls, they can create a U-shaped formation that enables easy access to multiple workstations such as the sink, the countertop, and the fridge.

Floor-to-Ceiling Storage

You can consolidate most of your storage in one area of your kitchen by investing in floor-to-ceiling cabinets. These cupboards are basically a combination of lower and upper cabinets with a base that touches the floor and a height extending to the ceiling. Having a massive storage capability, you can have one of your walls installed with these cabinets to free up some space for the other areas of your kitchen.

Cabinet Refacing or Repainting

You can customize the appearance of your cabinets by choosing either two of the most affordable cupboard upgrades – refacing or repainting. Refacing consists of replacing some parts of your cabinet, like the hardware, drawers, and doors, in addition to applying a fresh sheet of veneer on the cabinet’s skins. Repainting, on the other hand, is a more cost-effective solution by simply buying an appropriate paint color and a set of materials to manipulate the aesthetics of your cupboards.

Classical Decorations

Minor details can sometimes become the defining features of a kitchen design. Some examples of decorations that you can have for your traditional kitchen include flower vases, pots, Chinese ceramic plates, baskets, etc.

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