Types of Lighting for Modern Kitchens – Infographic


As part of improving our homes, we all want that feel-good lighting to match our homes—especially the kitchen. For homeowners leaning on the modern side of kitchen style and design, elevating our kitchen space by putting the right lighting fixture is a must. Aside from making food look more appetizing, they also give a feel that makes you feel really at home. But with so many lighting options, where does one start choosing the ones that would fit one’s kitchen style and function?

We believe that a bit of lighting goes a long way. So, we compiled these bright ideas for your modern kitchen to bring your dining with friends and family to a new level.

Types of Lighting for Modern Kitchens

Ambient Lighting

For general illumination throughout the kitchen, ambient lighting is a must. This type of light acts as a base source of light in the room. Typically known as ceiling lights, they are placed on a high vantage point to cast light on the whole area. There are different kinds of atmospheric lighting that modern homes can choose from.

If you have a kitchen with a low ceiling, recessed ceiling lights will be a good choice because they are unobtrusive. Some prefer to tweak this kind of lighting into dimmable light to control the intensity of illumination. This makes the homeowners create the right ambiance for the kitchen.

Task Lighting

We have task lighting to the rescue to help remove the cast shadows resulting from general lighting. It is impractical for a modern kitchen not to have task lighting. Without it, preparing food and working in the kitchen is hard. Task lights, also known as functional lighting, should be placed in areas where you usually prepare and carry out kitchen tasks.

You can add pendant lights, small track lights, and battery-operated LED puck lights to your countertops. And if you’re using a pendant to illuminate the worktops, consider installing a backlight. These backlights will provide extra visibility and function as task lights.

Choosing the proper task lighting is an essential component of modern kitchen design. Mr. Cabinet Care offers different lights that help your kitchen become more functional. Under cabinet, strip, and track lights are just some versatile ones to choose from. Not only do they help you with your kitchen activities, but they can also enhance your kitchen’s beauty by emphasizing your kitchen focal points.

Accent Lighting

Also known as decorative lighting, accent lights are handy for kitchen islands. They can provide general illumination and function as statement pieces acting as the finishing touch in any kitchen. Decorative lighting can also be placed in strategic places in your kitchen. This is to highlight your kitchen’s stylish focal point that draws attention while amplifying the beauty of the kitchen.

There are no specific rules when it comes to installing accent lighting. Warm or industrial styles have become popular recently, but some customers want to add color to their kitchens. So, brightly painted pendants can add an extra pop of color. Wall scones or other wall-mounted kitchen lights are also famous because these create a soft focus on kitchen elements like indoor plants and photographs.

Choosing the best lighting for your kitchen starts with looking for bright ideas. Start your home improvement journey with us at Mr. Cabinet Care. We can help you schedule a FREE in-home estimate today! Just contact us at (714) 961-1900.

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