The Smarter Kitchen: Kitchen Designs for People Who Love to Cook – Infographics

During this past year, our kitchens have become more important than ever to us. As we remained quarantined in our homes, we’ve turned to our kitchens not only to exercise our creative side but also to find solace and comfort in making foods that – in some way – satisfied us or made us happy. Our kitchens became, in many cases, the most important room in the house and cooking gave us the joy that was often hard to find.

Now that the direction of the pandemic is beginning to change and we’re looking forward to resuming some of our “normal” activities, many individuals who may not have been avid cooks are now realizing how much they love to spend time in the kitchen and how much cooking a truly good meal has become important to them. As such, more and more homeowners are searching for kitchen designs that allow them to really enjoy the art of cooking.

But what does that mean?

The Smarter Kitchen: Kitchen Designs for People Who Love to Cook

Workspace should be a priority

Good food preparation is all about having the space to do what you need to do. That means sufficient areas for chopping, slicing, dicing, and whatever else you must do when prepping various elements of your meal.

Your design, ideally, should offer a work zone that provides easy access to the refrigerator, the sink, and the stove. That means you shouldn’t need to walk across the kitchen to get from your sink to your prep area or from your prep area to your oven or stove. Your design should make it easy to simply turn around or walk just a few steps to reach one or the other.

Kitchen design experts often refer to this area as the “work triangle” – the space between the refrigerator, stove, and prep area – and aim for an efficient triangle that will allow you this freedom of movement that saves time during meal prep.

Sufficient counterspace in your work area also allows you a place to keep at hand the kitchen tools that you use often, like knives or small appliances. You should also keep trash or recycling nearby but in a place where the cans do not present a tripping hazard. Plan storage for bigger items as well, like large pots or other appliances (mixers, blenders, etc.).

Choosing sensible surfaces

The surfaces you choose for your kitchen might be dictated by how much time you spend cooking and what allows your kitchen to keep looking fresh and new, despite lots of wear and tear.

Quartz, for example, is a good all-around surface that’s ideal for busy chef’s who simply love to cook. Granite and marble are ideal for those who enjoy baking and do a lot of it. Both look super classy as well and give your kitchen a touch of elegance. Some chefs, however, prefer butcher block for their countertops and workspaces, simply because it stands up to sharp knives and won’t show damage.

Talk to your kitchen expert about which surface best fits your cooking habits as well as the overall style of your kitchen.

 Think about your sink

If you’re an avid amateur chef, you’ve already recognized how important it is to have the right sink in place. Many individuals who love to cook benefit greatly from having two sinks or a double sink; one side or sink is for food prep and the other is for washing dishes. It makes a lot of sense for busy cooks to consider this configuration.

You should also talk to your design expert about the best sink type for you. While it should be as deep as possible, it could be made from stainless steel, porcelain, or even a composite material. And don’t forget about the fixtures. Some cooks love faucets that turn on with a simple touch, or you can even choose one that is operated by your foot for a truly hands-free experience.

Gathering together

Finally, be sure there’s space to entertain your family and friends. For centuries, loved ones have been gathering in the kitchen, intent on watching the cook craft his or her creations. That hasn’t changed! So, if you like to whip up your culinary specialties in front of an audience, consider putting a sizeable island in your kitchen if space permits. Including some comfy stools with backs and provide enough space for them to nosh while you’re completing the meal.

Need a better space to enjoy your cooking hobby? Mr. Cabinet Care can help you by creating a design that fits your love of cooking. For more information or for a no-obligation consultation, call us to schedule an appointment.

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